Braille and Tactile Signs

High quality, hard wearing polycarbonate moulded braille signs

Illawarra Sign Group has one of the largest Braille & Tactile range in the market today with over 45 standards signs. The ISG Braille Imprint range was specifically developed for a commercial environment such as hospitals, universities, schools and government buildings.

Braille ISG Imprint Specifications
Braille ISG imprint signs are moulded from a single piece of polycarbonate. This means there is no individual elements glued to the surface of the signs. All graphics are printed on the inside face and have been applied to a semi rigid polyethylene plate. All signs are supplied with 3M 367 double sided tape applied to 100% of the back of the sign for installation. We can also supply braille signs onto a rigid aluminium backing if being installed on a textured surface. Braille imprint signs are sold at market leading prices. We manufacture these signs in large production runs, keeping the individual price down. All signs comply with the Australian building code.

Braille & Tactile Signs Quote

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